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never fall in love with a girl from BYU

dudes.. i had the most awesome day!!!!! after a somewhat
productive painting class, Daniel and I went out on the

we tried a new sushi place in the college area, Tokyo Sushi,
which was to die for. The rap music hardly phases you
because the food is so damn geud, the company was lovely

after dinner we stopped by music trader. Dan got the new
tomahawk and bad brains albums [both are sick] and i got
two Nerf Herder albums to play in my car.

after the sweet fucking finds we went to the movies to see
Live Free or Die Hard which was wicked awesome.

I dropped dan off and proceeded to drive home listening/
singing at the top of my lungs/headbanging/throwing my fist
in the air to Nerf Herder with the volume up as loud as i
could stand.

this nite was perfect, a trippindicular start to the summer. if only i could figure out what to do about my job.

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