Lucille Mcgillicutty (queenof_cool) wrote,
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need of a refreshing situation

im standing here in my bath towel, an awkward position.
Meditated in the shower, talking to myself,
listening to the inner workings of my body.
Before i stepped into the 30 minute steamy abode
I heard familiar calls outside my window. Although the
speakers are unknown to me, their message rings loud and
Events seem so muddy these past few days, weeks, months.
life seems to be moving too fast, and im having a hard time
finding my breath or im immersed in breath for an hour and a
half three times a week.
Finding solace in my mind, is not the greatest place for me to hide.
I linger in situations with a knot in my stomach,
but find myself excited to butterflies when these situations are
shortly following my dolldrum occupations.

pass me the laser beam.

im restless i guess you could say.
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