Lucille Mcgillicutty (queenof_cool) wrote,
Lucille Mcgillicutty

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ode to microwave

Oh dear microwave, do i really need you?
Your resonating waves suffice to heat my oatmeal,
saving me a dish or two,
saving me a minute or two,
to meander in the morning like i always do.

I know someone who does not own a microwave,
how her life seems so pure.
She does not heat in moments,
she bakes at every meal.
She does not save two minutes like speeding in a car,
maybe its because she's from washington,
and does not shave her armpits.

Microwave, are you really that important?
I could live without you.
I could bake for I now have a working oven.
How the days seem brighter,
how the food seems more wholesome,
microwave popcorn you will not give me cancer!
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